Should i Outsource??

What is outsourcing

Outsourcing is the delegation of services and work in a business partner abroad, that can either be a company that specializes in a sector or a private individual.
The award by the work of a business to third parties is a common phenomenon for many years. Under this practice, tasks such as cleaning, accounting and tax obligations, product distribution, payroll, recruitment, human resource management etc. outsourced business partners through “free” employment relationship – free, meaning that the entrepreneur does not employ staff with dependent ratio (pay), but pay a fee agreed for the services received.
The term outsourcing can be transferred to the Greek verbose way to as “exogenous exoepicheirisiakon or resources” as opposed to tasks that can be implemented within the company, “house”. The outsourcing can cover most of the operations of a business, starting with the most basic and reaching the most specialized. For example, there are several companies that have entrusted to third parties the majority of their operations, from production of raw materials, packaging and distribution of products to the advertising and promotional work, having only last administration, supervision and general commercial management.
Outsourcing the term also denotes the assignment, transfer function of a company or organization to an external partner (partner) to create added value for the company. Two general categories are the ITO outsourcing and weight. In Information Technology Outsourcing (ITO), the partner undertakes to provide computer services and maintenance of applications, networks and terminals or software. In Business Process Outsourcing (weight), referred to as “new outsourcing», the partner undertakes the support of the company procedures, for example, accounting, procurement and human resource management.
Companies that go into such a partnership aimed primarily at increasing revenue, improve service, reduce costs, increase flexibility and access to new technologies.
The classic outsourcing is primarily aimed at reducing production costs of transporting, for example, pieces of production into areas with lower labor costs. By contrast, the new outsourcing business operations focused on the systematic reorganization of the support section on efficient processes and structures. But like any revolutionary idea, and The outsourcing is often treated with caution, both by management or government officials and the workforce.
Often the fear of losing control and fear of dependence on the partner. H solution to address the first risk is the Service Level Agreements (SLA), which define the exact way the contract and the responsibilities of each party. Here the systematic comparison of the agreed services offered and the determination of solutions in case of deviation.
Clear Contract
Dependence is avoided by a clear and detailed contract which, among other things, may contain:
1. The ability of both parties to come out of the contract.
2. The ability of both parties to request changes.
3. How to transfer know-how in case of cooperation.
In the latter case, both parties must predetermine in detail the time and cost of courses that will be needed, the work-shadowing and coaching, as well as access rights to systems and tools.
Also, the contract may contain clauses and bonus depend on the quality of services. H success of the agreement is thus common goal of both sides (Win-Win, Risk & Reward Sharing).
Conflicts with employees is a source of uncertainty, perhaps the most important for some countries such as Germany. Is debt management company and partner to clarify the opportunities and risks, advantages and disadvantages that may have such cooperation for each employee. Particularly when outsourcing support departments of the company executives of these sections have the opportunity to move from the back row (Back Office / Cost Center) in the first row (Front Office / Profit Center).
In many cases an integral part of the contract is a guarantee of continued employment relationship with the people in the Transport Department.
The option, above all, a freelancer who has the skills and experience that can catapult the efficiency of the business or organization. Within a framework of security and confidence, the burden of procedural functions vanishes, the competitive advantages of organizations, businesses and the overall market increases and benefits are transferred ultimately to consumers.
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