Posted in May 2012

Social Media for Freelancers

If you’re just getting started on social media, you’re in luck. Today, you have more social media options than ever before. The fact is, for most internet users, social media is the main reason they get online. Chances are that many of those same users are also your clients and potential clients. If your freelancing … Continue reading

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This is me creating graphics… I adore SnagIt Editor (from TechSmith, the Camtasia folks) for this type of work. Available for Mac and PC both. However, if I just need a super fast screenshot, I simply use the “Snipping Tool” built right into Windows 7 and available under Start ->Accessories -> Snipping Tool.…

How to Create a Home Office

A home office can be helpful to home-based business owners, telecommuters, freelancers and anyone who wants to create a space for paying bills, working on projects or studying. Whether you create a home office in a studio apartment or build a custom addition onto your home, you can make a space that will help optimize … Continue reading

Why Freelancing Is Not The Dream Job For You

Many web designers at some point I’m sure will take into consideration pursuing career as a freelancer, rather than working for a web design firm, simply because of the many perks which come with freelancing compared to working for a web design firm, where theirs many drawbacks at times such as overtime and work politics. … Continue reading

Making it easier to work from home

Operating in a home-based company requires commitment to its installation and servicing, to run easily. Whether you perform for a large company as a house broker or you are a freelancer, its essential to practice yourself to use time smartly and properly. Having proved helpful independantly both for organizations and for myself, here are some … Continue reading

Ten Characteristics of Successful Freelance Writers

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Anyone can become a freelance writer. But successful “working” freelance writers all share ten characteristics. If your freelance writing career isn’t what you’d like for it to be, maybe you need to develop a few more of these characteristics. 1. A “working” freelance writer writes on a regular basis. That should…