Why Freelancing Is Not The Dream Job For You

Many web designers at some point I’m sure will take into consideration pursuing career as a freelancer, rather than working for a web design firm, simply because of the many perks which come with freelancing compared to working for a web design firm, where theirs many drawbacks at times such as overtime and work politics. Unfortunately what many designers fail to grasp is that freelancing can be a very stressful occupation, with many roles which you must personally fulfil in order to be successful and to generate any sort of income. Through out this article i will discuss with you some of the drawbacks of freelancing, and why freelancing may not be your cup of tea. The aim of article is for you to be able to make an informed decision whether freelancing is for you.

You like Income stability

Personally I think this is one of the biggest drawbacks of freelancing, and why many people do not succeed. The income which you generate doses not offer much stability. Most freelancing jobs work by short term contractual work, which means after a few weeks you will be out of a job, and will be on the hunt for new potential clients. Being short of work means you are unable to make any money, which usually leads to your hopes and dreams as freelancer coming to an end. You could be the world best designer, but if you can’t find clients it’s impossible to on go a carea as a freelancer.

You get distracted easily

Any job where you can lay in bed and still fulfil your job obligations always sounds like a dream job. As a freelancer working from home theirs so many potential distractions which can disrupt your work flow, family, house choirs etc. If your easily distracted you can find yourself never completing your main objective of getting work done, can lead to working twice as hard in order to make up for valuable time which you may have wasted. If you have no self discipline your freelancing career will be a very short one.

You love office conversations and banter

If your a fan of office banter and discussing  weekend sporting events, I’m sorry to tell you this is non existent within freelancing. Freelancing is a very lonely business. If you find you don’t like to be on your own for a long period of time, your certainly not suited to pursuing a carea within freelancing.

You have little or no freelancing experience

Its very difficult to jump into freelancing with no experience or lack of experience. Not having a strong portfolio which showcases your work and past projects, makes it very difficult for a client to want to hire you, because there not aware of your skills or what your capable of achieving. Personally i would recommend working for a web design firm, before making that transition to freelancer.

Your not business smart

When it comes to freelancing you need to be business smart as well as being a good web designer. In the sense of being a man or women of many skills, being capable of creating invoices, marketing, accounting, fundamental skills which are essential in order to succeed and have a prosperous carea within freelancing. If your a freelancer and can not keep track of your books and your unaware of how much money your making, as well as how much money you have coming out. This plays a key role within your freelance business and vital if you want to stay in business.

Article Source: http://creativenerds.co.uk/articles/why-freelancing-is-not-the-dream-job-for-you/


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